Who am I ?

I am proud to be an Egyptian who crossed the world, from the hottest neighborhoods in Cairo, to the sweetest spots on earth, Monte-Carlo, passing by Washington D.C., the world’s political capital.

GOD gave me knowledge, which I chose to share by being a professor. I had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most reputable institutions in the world like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the International University of Monaco. These solid and diverse experiences contributed to sharpen my economic expertise, but above all introduced me to very interesting people that I consider friends.

Since as long as I remember, I have only one dream, serving Egypt and its People. I hope this day will come soon!

You can have a look to my CV here

Why this blog? Why Now?

I have been watching what is happening in Egypt with lots of sadness….

Revolution, counter-revolution, death, jails…. Bombs….

Elections? Votes???

Sure I am interested with my beloved country’s political transformation. I have my opinions…. and I have my concerns. I have my ideas, my plan, my own road map, about the right political pass that Egypt should follow… but this is not the right time to speak my mind… yet…

In the last post I wrote in February 2011 before Mubarak stepped-down ( link ),
I have foreseen all what happened since. In short, a political infighting between the Armed Forces and the Muslim Brotherhood. I was still hoping the 2011’s revolution would succeed in putting an end to the corrupt regime we have in place.

But since, I have noticed that almost all Egyptians became political activists. This cacophony of ideas and speeches made it impossible to have a coherent dialogue. This is why I decided not to say a word about politics since then.

So I will come back to politics in due time.

For now, I would like to tell my fellow Egyptians, the reality about their economic situation. A reality that is often hidden, either deliberately, or not… but I have seen very few media talking about the real challenges facing our economy; facing our population; the actual and next generation(s). Read more


To name a few, Dr. Bassem Kamar is involved with the institutions below:

International University of Monaco
, Professor of Economics
Global Economic and Financial Consulting
, Director
International Monetary Fund,

Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association,
Co-founder and Vice-President


Centre d'Etudes en Macroeconomie et Finance Internationale,
Member, 2011
Middle East Economic Association,
Board member (2009 - 2012)
Association des Jeunes Sans Frontieres, President